Dispute resolution in and out of court

Dispute resolution before court
Our office has a long-term experience in conducting of court cases and arbitrations in the country. We represent our clients before all national courts, the Council of State, the Civil and Criminal Supreme Court, the Court of Audits and before the rest of civil and administrative courts, in cases of the field of the specialized activity of the firm, cases of personality protection of politicians and cases of compensations arising from the civil responsibility of the State.

We are engaged in litigation and arbitration in case it is required, aiming to dispute resolution out of court, if considered as appropriate to our clients’ goals. Our partners are present before all high and supreme courts and before courts of other levels.

Representation of assignors before Independent Authorities
In the framework of the modern evolution, the representation and support of our clients before independent authorities is often necessary. More precisely, we represent our assignors before the Greek Ombudsman, the Regulatory Authority of Energy, the National Council for Radio and Television and the Competition Commission.


Representation of assignors before the Greek Court of Audits in cases of public contracts

According to the recent evolution, in order to proceed to public contracts assignation, a control of the lawfulness of their assignation by the Court of Audits is necessary. The conduction of this exceptionally crucial control about the lawfulness of these contracts’ assignation demands specialized knowledge and experience, qualifications that we provide systematically to our clients.