Mass Media Legislation

We have dealt with a significant amount of cases concerning mass media legislation, especially before courts of law, providing legal support on disputes with the National Radio and Television Council.

Our office has represented Mass Media corporations and individuals in some major cases in our country during the last years before the national courts and the European Community authorities.

In addition to this, we have been involved since 1995 in the issue of incompatibility of Mass Media shareholders as to their right to participate in public projects, in the issues that have risen in 2001 following the constitutional revision and art.14.9. Thereafter, we have supported those seeking recourse before European authorities for the compatibility national and European legislation.

In the framework of respective filed, we have also issued legal opinions on issues such as Media Tax, tax-free paper for the Press, social security concerning the Press companies, licensing of radio and television stations and we have also participated in a significant number of trials.