Environmental issues – Cultural Heritage – Antiquities legislation

Our firm has a significant experience on issues of environmental legislation, at level of consultant law practice and at level of consultary support. Our specialized team provides legal advice about all fields of environmental legislation.

We issue legal opinions on cases of environment and environmental planning and we participate in an active way in the scientific development on these issues in a critical way.

Specifically, we offer legal support on issues of planning, environmental impact studies, land planning in construction projects, including the required licensing, and on detailed study of the status of special usage of land and its environmental consequences.

We provide specialized legal support to industries and constructors on issues of environmental harmonization. In addition to this, we provide legal support on issues related to environmental legislation and concerning the proprietors of real estate and those who are being activated in development programs of real estate property.

Furthermore, we provide perpetual information about the evolutions and the amendments on environmental legislation at national and European level by participating to the scientific action and the legislative activity as consultants of important authorities, like the Technical Chamber of Greece or the Ministry of Environment, Urban Planning and Public Works.

Our firm provides consultative services to authorities on important environmental matters, like the one concerning the total status of islands (Patmos, Hydra, Zakynthos, Marathonisi),  sensitive ecosystems, wetland habitats. Our office participates in finding legislative solutions for wetland habitats, protection of special categories of animals and plants.

We are also experienced in matters of cultural heritage and antiquities protection concerning major projects, private disputes, exploitation of real estate in combination to protection of cultural heritage, licensing, representing assignors before administrative authorities, Central Archeological Council and Council for the Modern Monuments.