Le statut juridique de l’action culturelle et linguistique de la France a l’étrangerEleni Trova
The legal status of France’s cultural
and linguistic action abroad
LGDJ, Paris 1993, Bibliothèque de Droit Public





2.	Η έννοια του πολιτιστικού περιβάλλοντος κατά το Σύνταγμα του 1975/86Eleni Trova
The concept of the cultural environment
in the Constitution of 1975/86
Ant.N.Sakkoulas Publications
Athens 1992




Eleni Trova
Community Law concerning Public Contracts and the Law of International Trade Deregulation
Ant. N. Sakkoulas Editions
Athens 2000
(publication includes accompanying CD ROM)




Ολυμπιακοί Αγώνες και ΔίκαιοEleni Trova
The Olympic Games and the Law

(co-written with Georgia Giannakourou)
Ant. N. Sakkoulas Editions
Athens 2001




Το πολιτιστικό περιβάλλον κατά το Σύνταγμα του 1975/86/01Eleni Trova
The cultural environment in the Constitution of 1975/86/01
Athens 2003




Η κατασκευή του Ενιαίου Ευρωπαϊκού Χώρου και η σύμβαση παραχώρησης δημοσίων έργων - Σπουδή στη διαλεκτική των πόλων εξουσίαςEleni Trova
Constructing a Single European Area and the concession contract for public works projects – A Study of the dialectics of centres of power
Athens 2002
(p. 486)




Προστασία Αρχαιοτήτων και πολιτιστικής κληρονομιάςPanagiotis Skouris – Eleni Trova
The Protection of Antiquities and cultural heritage (Law 3028/2002)
Sakkoulas Publications
Athens – Thessaloniki – 2003
(p. 470)





Panagiotis Skouris – Eleni Trova
From the first Athenian Olympic Games to the first European Olympic Games
Antonis N.Sakkoulas Publications
Athens – Komotini 2003
(p. 74)





Οι πρώτοι Ολυμπιακοί Αγώνες της ΕυρώπηςPanagiotis Skouris – Eleni Trova
The first European Olympic Games
Metamesonykties Publications 2004
(p. 193)






Εξουσίες και ΔιαφάνειαEleni Trova
Power and Transparency. From testing constitutionality to testing the rationale of regulations
Antonis N.Sakkoulas Publications 2005
(p. 392)





Το Κοινοτικό Δίκαιο των Συμβάσεων Παραχώρησης και των Συμπράξεων Δημοσίου και Ιδιωτικού Τομέα Ι. Κείμενα εργασίαςPanagiotis Skouris – Eleni Trova
Community Law concerning Concession Contracts and Public-Private Partnerships, Ι. Working papers
Ellinika Grammata Editions 2005
(p. 333)





Εξουσίες και ΔιαφάνειαPanagiotis Skouris – Eleni Trova
The Law concerning Concession Contracts and Public-Private Partnerships, IΙ. Law 3389/2005
Ellinika Grammata Editions 2005
(p. 259)





Γνώση και αμφισβήτησηEleni Trova
Knowledge and controversy, The Europe of state and private universities
Sakkoulas Publications
Athens Thessaloniki 2008
(p. 326)




Community Law of Public Contracts
co-written with Panagiotis Skouris
Sakkoulas Publications
Athens Thessaloniki 2009

The Olympic Games of the European Union
Vagelis Alexandrakis, Panagiotis Skouris, Eleni Trova
Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft Mbh & Co


The Constitution of 1975/86/2001
This CD ROM accompanies a series published by the Centre for European Constitutional Law D. Tsatsou./X. Kondiadi. (ed.), “The Constitution of Greece 1975/86/2001”, Ant. N. Sakkoulas Editions Athens 2001


Community Law concerning Public Contracts and the Law of International Trade Deregulation

Community Law concerning Public Contracts and the Law of International Trade Deregulation
The CD ROM accompanies my book “Community Law concerning Public Contracts and the Law of International Trade Deregulation”, Antonis N.Sakkoulas Publications 2000




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