Our firm is specialized in providing services in the field of modern public law and mainly in public financial law,  which also includes  the European Community Law.

The firm works in matters of national law,  on which it is frequently requested to exert opinions and co-operates with lawyers abroad for complicated matters when other legislation except from Greek is being applied.

In the framework of modern public law, it applies national administrative and constitutional law as well as commercial and private law in combination and according to time’s and markets’ demands.

Our firm is specialized in financial law and mainly in Self-financing infrastructure projects Law,  in Law of Works (private and public), in Real Estate’s Development Law, in Corporate and Investment Law.

  • Financial Law– Investment Law

    Financial Law– Investment Law

    In the framework of this certain activity our firm has obtained a particular specialization in public contracts law,  in contracts...

  • Energy Legislation

    Energy Legislation

    This is a field perpetually developed and evolved, in which we participate in an active way by supporting individuals that...

  • Quarries- Mines Law

    Quarries- Mines Law

    The modern revival of mining activity requires specialized knowledge of the legislation’s framework (national and European) as well as of...

  • Telecommunications law

    Telecommunications law

    The development of telecommunications law in Greece has engaged us in a systematic way since the beginning of the 1990s...

  • Sports legislation- Olympic Games

    Sports legislation- Olympic Games

    Our firm is specialized in issues of sports law and more precisely in matters concerning the Olympic Games Law. During...

  • Tax legislation – Administrative fees

    Tax legislation – Administrative fees

    We provide advice in the fields of our specialization on issues of tax legislation and mainly on these concerning complicated...

  • Environmental issues  – Cultural Heritage – Antiquities legislation

    Environmental issues – Cultural Heritage – Antiquities legislation

    Our firm has a significant experience on issues of environmental legislation, at level of consultant law practice and at level...

  • Urban planning law – Licensing – Expropriation legislation

    Urban planning law – Licensing – Expropriation legislation

    Our office is particularly experienced in cases of urban planning law, licensing of power stations, port construction projects, railway construction...

  • Port construction projects – Ports – Tourist ports – Airports

    Port construction projects – Ports – Tourist ports – Airports

    Our office has actively participated in important activities of design and construction of ports and airports, in planning, licensing and...

  • Waste Disposal

    Waste Disposal

    The intense problem of waste disposal in our country demands significant experience and knowledge, which we have obtained thanks to...

  • Education Law

    Education Law

    We have supported important cases of education law before competent authorities and courts of law. We have supported cases of...

  • Mass Media Legislation

    Mass Media Legislation

    We have dealt with a significant amount of cases concerning mass media legislation, especially before courts of law, providing legal...