Since the early 90s, we have been entrusted with high-stake major private self- and co-financing infrastructure projects governed by national and EU Law.

We are established as experts in this field, having resolved particularly complex legal issues in infrastructure projects involving the construction of motorways, metros, urban & suburban railways, airports, ports & tourist ports, casinos, motor parking stations, hospitals, industrial areas, water & power supply, Olympic Games infrastructure projects, etc.

From initial negotiation and performing due diligence to drafting contractual documents and providing investment and tax advice, our success stems from our in-depth knowledge of the field as well as our team’s character and long-standing experience.

We have become the go-to law firm for a wide number of preferred bidders for successfully handling tender procedures and supporting a significant number of cases regarding the contract award and execution before arbitral courts, state courts and authorities, as well as the EU courts, authorities and agencies, such as OLAF, the European Commission, the European Ombudsman etc.